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Love and football: The life of a coach’s wife

13WMAZ sat down with five Central Georgia coach's wives and asked them questions about their relationships, football, and why they love being married to a coach

Carrie Chastain is married to Jones County head football coach Mike Chastain. They met at Northside High School and have been married 16 years.

Ebon Hicks is married to Baldwin head football coach Jesse Hicks. They met in in the sixth grade, but did not start dating until high school in Augusta, Georgia. They have been married for 20 years.

Angela Crawford is married to Houston County head football coach Ryan Crawford. They met at Valdosta State University and started dating senior year. They have been married 13 years.

Ellie Farriba is married to Stratford Academy head football coach Mark Farriba. They grew up as neighbors, and started dating after Ellie graduated high school and have been married for 33 years.

Demetria Risper is married to Westside head football coach Sheddrick Risper. They met in the fourth grade and have been married 20 years.

We quizzed these wives on their football knowledge. Here are their responses! 

Q: How many points is a touchdown worth?

Angela Crawford: “Thank God, I know this one. Six points.”

Ellie Farriba: “Six points.”

Demetria Risper: “Six points.”

Ebon Hicks: “Six points.”

Carrie Chastain: “Six.” (See, this quiz is easy! and she responds) “Yeah, so far.”

Q: How many minutes are there in a quarter?

A: 10 minutes

B: 15 minutes

C: 8 minutes

D: 12 minutes

Demetria Risper: “8 minutes.” (gave her a second try). “No I mean 12!”

Ebon Hicks: “D, 12 minutes”

Ellie Farriba: “15?” (We gave her a second try). “Then 12? (I nod my head and say yes) “12 minutes!”

Carrie Chastain: “12 minutes.”

Angela Crawford: “I’m going with B, 15 minutes.” (gave her a second try) “Oh it’s 15 minutes isn’t it?”

Q: What is the sign officials make when there is a safety?

Carrie Chastain: “This one?” as she laughs and then puts up a thumbs down sign.

Ellie Farriba: throws hands up, then gives up and says, “I don’t know.”

Ebon Hicks: chuckles and says “I’m not quite sure, I don’t know that one.”

Demetria Risper: laughs and says, “OK, I don’t know that one.” She says she did know what holding was.

Angela Crawford: “I think it is this,” she says as she claps hands her hands together and makes the correct motion. “Amen! I’m doing a good job, that’s what I’m talking about!”

What number did your husband have in college and in high school?

Ellie Farriba: “88, and 89. 88 in high school and 89 in college.” She caps when she gets it right, and then gives a fist bump.

Carrie Chastain: “In college it was 53, and in high school 58."

Ebon Hicks: “56 in college, and in high school" She looks to her husband and says to him, “It was 56?” Jesse shakes his head 'no,' and Ebon asks “What was high school?” Jesse tells her it was 66, and Ebon answers “oh 66, my bad!”

Angela Crawford: “81.”

Demetria Risper: “He had number 12. He’s always had number 12.”

BONUS QUESTION: Give me the best impersonation of your husband on the football field.

Ellie Farriba: (cracks up as she reads the question, and then stands up and gives the camera a cold, hard death stare.)

Carrie Chastain: Hands behind his back, and that’s it!” (begins to laugh as she puts her hands behind her back)

Ebon Hicks: “Whose house?? Braves house!”

Demetria Risper: “I don’t think I can do it. (I tell her she has to try and do something). She starts laughing and then delivers. “He’s like, 'get off the field!' (Now she is cracking up.) 'What are you doing?'.”

Angela Crawford: “He blows his whistle (she whistles). “And goes, ‘let’s go, on the move! What are we doing?'.” (she starts laughing). 


Then we asked about their role as a coach’s wife, specifically what is it like to support them. 

Carrie Chastain: “I do keep a notes page in my phone of some suggestions, especially after a game of what I think we could improve on. But, during the week it’s just trying to stay as positive as possible at home with our kids and not talk about football all the time. Really engaging what’s going on with their lives and our lives outside of that."

Angela Crawford: “Not just for me, but for my kids. My three boys love coming up to HoCo. They love running around with the football players, and the football players are excited to see them and give them love every time they can. So, I wouldn’t trade that for anything."

Ebon Hicks: “Other folks, they don’t understand like the things that we have to go through with like, the fans in the stands. I didn’t know that most of his time would be spent away than being at home, but I wouldn’t want him to change his profession for the world.”

Ellie Farriba: “I feel like if I can be strong and solid, and let him know how much I appreciate him, [tell him] what a great coach he is, what a great husband he is, and be the solid rock behind him, I feel like he can accomplish anything."

Demetria Risper: “I come to practice, I come to every single game. I just want him to be successful and I want him to do well. I am willing to make those sacrifices for him, because that is how much I love him.”

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