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Macon Bacon begin search for 2019 Sizzle Squad

The Macon Bacon will hold auditions March 2nd for their 'Sizzle Squad,' on-field host, and Kevin Bacon!

The skillet will fire up on May 31 for the Macon Bacon's first home game. 

But before they get to cooking, there's a crucial team that needs to come together. 

"There are three positions we are looking for: Sizzle Squad, on-field host, and mascot performer," Tyler Vertin, Marketing and Public Relations Director for the Macon Bacon, said. 

The Sizzle Squad is in charge of the games, skits, t-shirt throwing, and getting the crowd fired up.

"You don't need acting experience, but if you're outgoing and excited and can have a smile on your face, you'd be perfect for the Sizzle Squad," Vertin said. 

When it comes to the field host, Vertin says you can't be shy in front of hundreds of people, and comfortable on a microphone. 

"They're kind of the voice of the Sizzle Squad, telling the fans what's happening on the field. They're also kind of the hype man of the team," Vertin said. 

A chance to be Kevin Bacon is also up for grabs. You can wear the 7-foot Bacon suit for the home games and get paid to do it!

However, the ideal candidate has height.

"Usually, we are looking for someone around 5'6" to 6'1", " Vertin said. 

The Sizzle Squad is only required to go to home games, and Vertin says they are looking to recruit about eight people. 

All positions are paid based on a game-by-game basis. 

Auditions will be held March 2nd. 

After you fill out an application online, a member from the Macon Bacon team will call you to tell you a time slot to try out.

You can find that form by going to their website. Then, click on the "Sizzle Squad auditions" icon on the home page.