The Macon Bacon are getting some national attention for their cool logo and the fan support you showed in their inaugural season.

The Macon Bacon are up for a SAMMY award -- it's not a sandwich, it's a  marketing award, kind of the Super Bowl of the sports industry -- and it's not because the team named themselves the Macon Bacon, although that helped.

Tyler Vertin is the director of Marketing.

"The fact that we're being considered for an award that the Cleveland Browns, the San Jose Sharks, and the Toronto Raptors -- all major league sports teams -- and being a tiny summer team in Macon, Georgia on the same level, I mean, it doesn't get much better than that," he bragged.

It's a big feather in the Bacon cap.

"I remember I got the email a few weeks ago and I looked and I was like, 'Wow, we got it! That's awesome," Tyler said with a smile.

They got the nomination for a few reasons.

"Basically, what we said is we wanted to bring baseball back to Macon and we showed all the fun things we did with the mascot Kevin Bacon, six degrees bacon, packaging, selling bacon in a cup at the stadium, all the fun stuff on social media," he outlined.

Tyler said bringing Luther Williams back to life also played a role in the process.

And the fans helped, too, just by showing up with bacon gear this past summer.

"11 out of 22 sellouts, and we had an average 2,300 fans per game, and then I want to say we had 47,000 fans come through the door during the season, and that's top 10 in the country for our level of baseball," he said.

And then there's just bacon -- Macon Bacon is catchy.

"I think that helped because bacon is such an icon," Tyler exclaimed.

The next step is for the team to travel to Las Vegas to make a presentation in February.

"Hopefully, we can beat the Cleveland Browns, but they don't win anyways, so we should have a good chance there," he projected.

The SAMMY stands for the "Sales, Advertising, Marketing, Management Idea of the Year."