In their 2nd season, the Macon Bacon are off to a hot start, selling out 3 of the 4 home games. 

As we know the Bacon have made a few changes in year two, which include new ball park amenities for kids and adults, but they have also taken the time to prepare specifically for this year as its the 90th anniversary of Luther Williams Field.

 And this week, they are creating a throwback Thursday theme where they will commemorate the Macon Peaches, one of the minor league teams that played at Luther Williams for 50 years.

The players will wear special Macon Peaches jerseys, and after the game the Bacon will auction those off to the fans.

Along with the Jersey auction, they will have a vintage car show in the front of the stadium. 

They will also have a "Turn back the clock" happy hour specials, and a special ceremony where 5 generations of the Luther Williams family will throw out the first pitch at 6:45 pm.