The goal for all the Central Georgia teams still alive in the playoffs is to win the title but to also show off the championship ring that comes with the title.

When a team wins the championship, they will receive a shirt, hat, or sometimes even a medal, but the championship ring is the favorite for the players.

"It's just so beautiful and big and gorgeous it just shines," senior offensive lineman Christopher Leggett said.

Last year the Macon County Bulldogs brought Montezuma a state championship for the first time since 1996, and now they have the hardware and the bling to prove it.

"We finally did it, we got us a ring," senior wide receiver Kelric Thomas said. "We have been talking about it since elementary school, we've been playing together and finally got one so it was an amazing experience."

While the rings are flashy, most players keep the prize at home reminding them there is still work to be done for this upcoming season.

"I don't wear it but I look at it every Friday because I want another one," senior wide receiver Tra Mathis said.

And for this year's squad winning a football state title two years in a row has a certain ring to it.