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'We're built-in best friends': Mercer lacrosse welcomes triplets to Macon

Abby, Madison and Kate Vane all come to Macon from Johns Creek High School.

MACON, Ga. — The Mercer women's lacrosse team is simply one of the best there is. Now, fresh off yet another Big South Conference regular season title, what makes this group great is the balance.

And when it comes to balance, look no further than the Vane sisters.

Being a triplet is pretty rare, but all three getting to play Division I lacrosse together on the same team is truly one-in-a-million.

Abby, Madison, and Kate Vane played high school lacrosse together at Johns Creek High School. Now, they’re taking the next step in their journey together, as Mercer Bears.

Kate was the first of the three to commit to Mercer, but that didn’t last long.

“I kind of encouraged them to start coming my way,” Kate said. “So Abby came to join me and then Madison was like, ‘I can't be alone,’ so she came on over.”

Because, while all three were ready to go different ways, some things just mean more.

“We're built-in best friends,” Abby said. “I couldn't imagine being eight hours-plus away from y'all. I think we just have such a close relationship.”

But this wasn't some kind of three-in-one deal. Head coach Sam Eustace made that clear all along.

“Her thing was kind of separating us as individuals and not as a package,” Kate said. “So she wanted us to each be our own person which I think is awesome.”

Because being sisters is about where the similarities stop.

“I'm attack, Kate’s a defender. Madison is a goalie, so I always have someone to shoot on,” Abby said.

They say having different positions does have it's advantages.

“Being different positions, I think we each bring something totally different,” Kate said. “I'm a leader and show a lot of determination and motivation. Madison is a great positive leader and aspect on the team. Abby's a huge competitive person which helps all of us.”

But at the same time, being sisters also might be just enough.

“On Friday nights when your friends don't invite you to stuff it was nice having your two sisters right by you to keep you busy,” Madison said. “Shoot around at the field, play some pick-up lacrosse, I would hop in goal and let people shoot on me. It was just fun getting together and play the sport we love.”

And while they might not be starting for the Bears just yet, the Vane sisters are anything but vain.

“Looking up to the seniors, they've been great role models and they've really taught me a lot on how to be a leader and lead in a positive manner,” Kate said.

Mercer finished the conference season undefeated with a perfect 9-0 record.

As a result, the Bears will host this week's Big South tournament at Five Star Stadium. Their first game will come on Friday at a time still to be announced.

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