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Jones County hero Terrance Gore lives dream of joining Atlanta Braves in World Series

Terrance Gore says his dream of a lifetime was to play for the Braves, and now he's on their World Series roster.

JONES COUNTY, Ga. — Terrance Gore says his dream of a lifetime was to play for the Atlanta Braves, and now he's on their World Series roster.

Gore is a Jones County native and a Jones County High School Greyhound.

He's spent parts of the last seven seasons in the major leagues, and won a World Series ring with the Kansas City Royals, but last winter, he signed a minor league contract with the Atlanta Braves and played this summer with their AAA Gwinnett team. He's an outfielder but plays mostly as a pinch runner.

Gore grew up In Jones County and started his professional baseball career in 2011 with the Royals.

Teresa Gore, Terrance's mother, says from an early age, he fell in love with the game.

"He's been playing sports ever since he was about maybe 5 years old -- Tee-ball, always loves to run around everywhere, all you see him is just running -- and he always loved the sport of the game. He loved the sport of baseball, he liked the football. He loves sports," said Gore.

His love for the game continued through high school where he played baseball and football with more than 1,000 rushing yards, and close to 150 stolen bases.

His coach, Jay Jones, says even in elementary school, he knew his talent.

"We'd play elementary school games, stuff like that. He was always the one out in front, especially if it was a running activity. The good Lord gave him the gift of speed, and just look where it's carried him," said Jones.

Another one of Terrance's Jones County coaches, Barry Veal, says he coached a lot of great players, "But I never had anything to compare to being able to coach somebody like Terrance where you had somebody that fast. You just kind of sat back sometimes and kind of smiled and watched him run," said Veal.

Terrance says for him, being back in his hometown wearing the Braves jersey, "Man, that's what I want -- I want the Braves, I want an Atlanta Braves scout to come down here and see me. If I wanted to get drafted, I truly wanted to get drafted by the Braves because I've always wanted to play for the Braves. Grew up watching the Braves, it's just something about the Braves I just had to have," said Gore.

His mom says she always told him, "Be patient with everything that comes to you, and if you be patient and you thank God and pray and just listen and learn, all of the dreams will come true," said Gore.

She says everyone's proud of the man Terrance has become.

The Braves resume the series Friday night in Atlanta against the Houston Astros. The series is tied 1-1.

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