PERRY, Ga. — Central Georgia will get gridiron action from our football athletes from August all the way through December, but it's rare we get to see athletes on the water. 

With the Georgia National Fair in town, a special breed of athlete is as well -- stunt team The Nerveless Nocks!

"Having the best of the best is what makes the show," said stage director Marc Meike.

If you're hanging near the lake at the fairgrounds, you might catch sight of some fast-paced, high-flying, water sports from The Nerveless Nocks Extreme Water Ski and Stunt Show Spectacular.

Meike said the team members are more than just show entertainers; they're world class athletes.

"More than just entertainment, like you said, they're athletes too. You wake up and you train, you gotta be focused, you have to have goals and you work hard everyday for it," Meike said.

The team is comprised of Olympian and world champion jet ski and water skiers from all around the country and Australia. 

Michigan native Evan Krefski is the 2018 International Jet Ski Boat Association amateur freestyle champion and in his first year traveling with the Nocks.

"Learning [to jet ski], I think it was a little less scary for us because if you land on your head, you float and you can get up and try it again, so I think it gives you more confidence," Krefski said.

The Nerveless Nocks know no fear and are a family daredevil show dating all the way back to the 1800s in Switzerland. 

They've been performing for over nine generations collecting stunt show talent in swaying poles, space wheel and helicopter trapeze just to name a few. 

Angelina Nock is the latest generation and does not take the family business lightly.

"It's an honor, it's a privilege and I'm just so excited to continue what my family started many years ago," Nock said.

The family business breeds family ties between performers. The skiers spend all their time together between traveling, training and performing. The pinnacle of their performance is the human pyramid with Angelina Nock at the top with an American flag. She said it's a thrill every single time.

"I get goosebumps every time holding that American flag and watching people's reactions. That's probably my favorite part of the show is holding that American flag," Nock said.

Nock said the family business has lasted this long and will be an American classic for generations to come.


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