MACON, Ga. — It's been a virtual desert at Rutland High School when it comes to wins for the football team, but the school is hoping a new head coach can turn the W column drought into a season that rains victories.

 For two years, hot summer practices in July, have produced zero autumn wins for Rutland Hurricane Football. 

"It's been hard, trying to buy in, trying to keep coming, trying to motivate my teammates to keep going towards the bigger picture," said senior Otto Foreman IV.

For Foreman IV and fellow senior Tyson Royal, it's only been a passion for the game that's kept them around the Rutland program.

"What keeps me motivated is I love the game of football. I love it with a passion. It's something I always wanted to do since I was growing up," said Royal.

Enter new head coach, Rusty Easom, who wants to plant a new winning culture after going to the playoffs three out of four years at East Coweta High School.

"Just getting them to understand that it's not going to happen overnight, you have to always keep moving forward. There's going to be setbacks just like in life," Easom said.

Easom wants his kids to think about what it means to W.I.N., what's important now, in everything they do and he wants them to see it everywhere they go including the back of their workout uniforms.

His players have bought in to the winning attitude.

"Coach Easom keeps us on our toes. It's easier to keep the younger boys motivated, keep playing with us even though the past few years have been bad," Royal said.

"As a brotherhood, buying in, getting the W together. Not just saying that 'well, I'm here right now, I want to get the ball. I want to get all the notifications,'" Foreman IV said.

They're hoping Easom's new mentality and changes can forecast a storm of wins for Hurricane football.

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