It wasn't a good look for Tennessee fans and students this week.

Students hung signs from dorms and houses on campus that made reference to Nick Chubb's gruesome knee injury he suffered in 2015 at Neyland Stadium. Chubb was out for the rest of the season that year.

On Saturday, Chubb returned to Knoxville for the first time since the injury. He rushed for 109 yards, and the Bulldogs crushed the Vols 41-0.

Early Sunday morning, Chubb's mother, La'Velle, posted a response to the trolls on Facebook. With the post was a picture one of the signs that read, "Chubb doesn't get on his knees out of protest, it's just habit. Go Vols." She posted it with a picture of Chubb kneeling in what looks to be prayer.

"Great habit to have. Now VOLS take a lesson. KNEELING should be a habit for you. I trained him when he was a baby. But it's never too late. GO DAWGS."

After the game, Chubb said it was a blessing to be able to leave Neyland Stadium on his own terms.

"I know last time when I was carted off the field, I told myself I’d never come back here," Chubb said. "Just to come back here and walk off on my own, it’s definitely a blessing."