PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- A Peachtree City man is ready to part ways with a treasured baseball card.

Back in 1995, Ross Greene paid nearly $48,500 for a Honus Wagner baseball card. While that may seem like a hefty price, last year someone paid $3.12 million for what’s considered the holy grail of baseball cards.

According to Sports Collectors Daily, fewer than 75 of the cards are thought to exist.

“This is the only card you can trace all of its owners to,” Greene said.

Greene collects sports history. The T-206 Wagner is just part of the collection that Greene is finally ready to set free.

"He wanted to be a caregiver for this legacy that was to be carried on through the years," Green's wife, Lynne, said.

The Greenes are putting hundreds of thousands of sports treasures up for auction at the end of May. Their decades of memories add up to more than paper, plastic and a pay day.

"I hope (my family) see that their grandfather was committed to this particular thing, did it well, and passed a good portion of it on to them, and passed the stories onto them,” Greene said.

Greene is passing on a legacy that someone else will soon pay a lot of money for. Greene’s Wagner card, which is in “poor-fair” condition, is expected to sell for at least $500,000. Click here for more on the auction.