GRAY, Ga. — It's time for another Prep Talk, this time with my man Conner Griffin from Jones County High School. He is a Preseason All-State and Middle Tennessee State University commit, and we are going to see how well we can get to know him in a short span of time. 

Avery: Conner, are you ready?

Conner: Yes, sir.

Avery: Alright, first question. Why don't linemen get enough love?

Conner: They don't ever get the ball. They need more recognition that they don't get, and in the newspaper, you never hear about them, so I think they need more recognition.

Avery: You wear number 70. Why do you wear that number?

Conner: My brother had it his senior year and that's just why. I've always wanted it because I always looked up to him, so it's what I wanted.

Avery: Your favorite dessert?

Conner: Peach cobbler.

Avery: Why? Actually, who makes the best peach cobbler in your life?

Conner: My grandma.

Avery: Your grandma. OK, Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Conner: Thanksgiving.

Avery: Why?

Conner: Thanksgiving Day -- you've got the stuffing, the turkey, all of it, so when you add that on to it. It's the best.

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