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Prep Talk: Georgia commit Javon Bullard

Bullard committed to the University of Georgia to play football as a defensive back

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — The newest football commit to the University of Georgia comes from Milledgeville. Three-star defensive back recruit Javon Bullard of Baldwin High committed to the Bulldogs on Monday and talked to Avery Braxton about his decision.

AVERY: Committing in general and having that off your back before your senior season, what is that like?

JAVON: It's a huge stress reliever. I really feel relief, but at the same time honestly blessed to be stressed in that type of way. Other people are stressing about different things, but I'm stressing about where I'm going to spend the next three to five years of my life so it's a blessing, man, and I thank God for it every day.

AVERY: Committing to the Dawgs, what was it about UGA that made you want to go, because from what I understand you didn't even have a chance to visit. Is that right?

JAVON: Yes sir, that is correct. I didn't get a chance to visit Athens. I was scheduled to visit before the pandemic happened. I don't remember the exact day, but I was scheduled, it's in my notes. Just prayer, man, and I took time with my family and I really just asked God to send me a sign because this is by far the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my life. I had to ask God about it. I just feel like he sent me that sign that Dawgs was the place to be. 

AVERY: I think everyone would agree that the Dawgs are the place to be. No problems there. From my understanding, you committed on your sister's birthday is that right?

JAVON: Yes sir.

AVERY: How does that happen?

JAVON: It was honestly just a coincidence, man. It just happened to fall on that day. It was a special day for me and her.

AVERY: Does she watch WMAZ? What's her name?

JAVON: Jameesia Bullard.

AVERY: Jameesia Bullard, happy birthday to you from everyone here at 13WMAZ. Shout out to you, shout out to the Bullard family. Couple more questions. Playing under Coach Smart. We all know he's a DB guy. To be able to play under a great defensive mind being a defensive back yourself, what are you expecting out of that relationship?

JAVON: Me and Coach Smart have a great relationship. I'm just expecting it to grow and expand man. Like you say, great minds think alike. I'm willing to learn what he's willing to teach. I'm just ready to play.

Bullard has already completed his high school degree and is working on collecting college credits. He said he wants to early enroll in Athens in January.