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Prep Talk with Jehlen Cannady

The Westside High School senior affectionately known as "Hollywood" talks about his nickname, the Lil Baby vs Da Baby debate, and being an artist.

MACON, Ga. — We're back to talking to athletes one-on-one and we are calling it the 'Prep Talk.' This week, we head to the Ed Defore Sports Complex to talk with Westside's senior defensive back and receiver, Jehlen 'Hollywood' Cannady.

Jehlen is a senior at Westside High School, plays defensive back, receiver, and does a little bit of everything. Reporter Avery Braxton asks him a few rapid-fire questions just to see how well we can get to know this guy in a short period of time.

Avery: So Jehlen, are you ready?

Jehlen: Oh yeah

Avery: First question man, 'Hollywood.' Where did you get that from, who gave that to you? How does that work?

Jehlen: Coach Travis, back in rec league football, playing at Central City Park. I was playing for the Hurricanes. It was my first year. It was back when I was actually playing quarterback. I took a drop back that was a little bit more fancy. Kids weren't really doing that at that age. He was saying, 'we've got to come up with a nickname for this kid.' He started calling me Hollywood, so my teammates ran with it. The coaches ran with it and it transferred from school, middle school to high school and just kept going. 

Avery: You play receiver, you play DB. Which do you prefer?

Jehlen: Kind of indecisive between the two. I feel like I'm just as good on both sides, but I mean it all depends on where Coach Spoon needs me to be. 

Avery: Alright, Lil Baby or DaBaby? 

Jehlen: Lil Baby

Avery: Why? 

Jehlen: Lil Baby, I feel like he's more versatile. He can rap a little bit. He can sing a little bit. I mean he can go on any type of beat. He can talk about the love songs and all that and close friends. DaBaby, he just flows, you know?

Avery: Alright, if you're not playing football, what are you playing? 

Jehlen: Alright, if I'm not playing football, i'm playing basketball. I probably will stop playing this year. I run track. I draw. I write poetry. I do quite a lot. 

Avery: A little bit of artistry in you, where did that come from with art and poetry and all that.

Jehlen: I'm actually a fine arts student. I started off at Vineville Academy. 

Avery: Alright, well we've come to the end. We've learned my man is an artist along with his football and basketball acumen. This has been the prep talk with Avery Braxton and Jehlen "Hollywood" Cannady.

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