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Prep school coach suspended after video of him screaming, cursing at student goes viral

The coach for the Southwest Florida Prep and Tech Institute football team announced his suspension on the school's Facebook page.
Credit: AP

NAPLES, Fla. — A viral video showed the head coach at a Florida prep school yelling profanities in a player's face. He has since suspended himself.

The video, which was first shared on TikTok, showed 45-year-old Derek Jenks, the head couch and founder at the Southwest Florida Prep and Tech Institute, getting up in the player's face and shouting things at the top of his lungs including:

"You wanna be a gangster? Let's do some gangster s***! Let's go! Get up! I'm gonna blow your s*** out so bad..."

"You're a b***! Go call your mama! Go tell her that! Come on! Get up! Get the f*** up! I'll rock your a** asleep!"

Below is a link to the video, which includes strong language that has been censored. 


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The tirade lasted for over a minute and featured more shouted obscenities. The video, which was recorded by another one of the players, quickly spread online.

Jenks subsequently recorded a video with the student he berated, Alvin Day, sitting next to him. The video was shared on SWFL Prep and Tech's Facebook page where Jenks announced that he would step away as head coach and suspend himself.

Good evening to all I would like to address the actions that occurred today within our program. At this time i am stepping away as head coach of swfl prep and suspending myself till further notice so i can address issues within myself to become a better mentor and coach to our program. My actions i displayed as a coach and mentor today were very unacceptable and i take full responsibility for my actions and i need to be held accountable as i would hold a player accountable. I do understand that i have broken the coach player conduct and will seek the help to control my emotions and actions moving forward. as i tell our players they need to be better i need to walk in the same advise as them todo. The Seahawks are in good hands with the coaching staff moving forward, but i BELIVE i need to be held accountable for what my behavior displayed today.

Posted by SWFL PREP TECH on Friday, September 8, 2023

"My actions I displayed as a coach and mentor today were very unacceptable, and I take full responsibility for my actions, and I need to be held accountable as I would hold a player accountable," Jenks wrote in the Facebook post, "I do understand that I have broken the coach-player conduct and will seek the help to control my emotions and actions moving forward."

“I’m glad he’s holding himself to the same standard that he held us to and I do forgive the actions of Coach Jenks as he has been a good mentor to me,” Alvin Day said in the video. “I’m hoping we can move forward.”

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