Imagine having three sons playing both high school and college football and all three reached the championship game at the end of their season.

That's exactly what happened to Jake Fromm's family.

Marvin James takes a look at the storybook fantasy ready for a storybook ending.

"It's a dream come true. I never thought we'd be in this situation, I can promise you that."

It's been a football season to remember for the Fromm family -- not just one or just two, but three sons excelling on the gridiron all at a high level in college and high school while parents Emerson and Lee take it all in in amazement.

"As a southern boy growing up, the thought of my kid playing at the Rose Bowl or Notre Dame was unheard of, but to do it in the same year and have a chance at the championship with the twins, we're beyond blessed," said Emerson Fromm.

On Friday nights this past season, twins Dylan and Tyler helped lead the Warner Robins Demons to a 5A state runner-up finish with a 14-1 record, while on Saturdays, big brother and oldest son Jake has also helped guide the Georgia Bulldogs to a several big wins, including an SEC title and Rose Bowl victory, and now the Dawgs are playing for the National Championship on Monday night.

Emerson said, "It's just weird to see somebody you know out there. I mean, 'Hey, I know that kid,' 'Hey, Marvin, you know him,' it's just weird, but you need to take it with a grain of salt because Jake's the favorite of the day, but next it maybe over and it may be another number, so you just be thankful for what you got for now."

The brothers all say competition between one another has always fueled them and will continue to challenge them as they support one another throughout life beyond football.

"It's awesome and amazing to check in on their football games and the family coming up to my games. It's just awesome to be able to share these moments with my brothers and family. I try to support them as much chance I get, and I just love it," said Jake.

So it comes down to one last game this season for the Fromm family after logging thousands of miles in the air and on the road, supporting each other in family and in football.