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'We're heading to Kansas City': FPD and Mercer alum Austin Cox makes MLB debut

13WMAZ's Connor Hines caught up with Austin Cox's parents after watching their son make his major league debut with the Kansas City Royals.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It's official. FPD and Mercer Baseball alum Austin Cox is a big leaguer. Cox, a native of Forsyth, Georgia, made his MLB debut with the Kansas City Royals on May 4, pitching two innings of scoreless baseball with a strikeout.

13WMAZ's Connor Hines caught up with Austin's parents, Cassandra and Stephen, as they continue to celebrate in Kansas City.

Connor Hines: To start, take me back to the moment you guys found out. How soon could you get on a plane?

Cassandra Cox: We got a FaceTime. I could tell immediately that it was a good call because he was kind of smiling. We were like, 'is this it?' And he said, 'yep Igot the call, they told me this morning.' We both lost it. Just so emotional. Had to quickly tell our bosses, 'we have gotten the call we've been waiting on, we are heading to Kansas City.'

CH: What is that feeling like, finally getting to see him come out of the bullpen?

Stephen Cox: I think the announcer said when they panned up to us that we looked like we were living every pitch like it was the 9th inning of the World Series. And that's the truth, I mean we all were willing him.

CH: Is there a part of you that always knew this would be a possibility for him?

Stephen: When he was four years old, we were coming back from T-ball practice and he asked me, 'has anybody been in the MLB from Forsyth?' I told him, 'I don't think so,' and he said, 'well I'm going to be the first.' I can remember watching him at FPD. I was like, dang, he's got it. And when he got to Mercer, he struggled his freshman year. That year was humbling. That's what I told all the coaches he's had. Advice or criticism, he wouldn't take it as, they were picking on him. He took it as 'I need to get better.'

CH: I saw the pictures, outside the clubhouse, you hugging him after the game. What did you say to him in that moment?

Cassandra: I'm sure it was just, 'we're so proud of you and love you so much.' The whole range of emotions. Really it comes down to a moment to celebrate. And that's what we're so thankful we could come out here and experience it with him.

CH: I'm sure we were all raised Braves fans. Safe to say we're all Royals fans now?

Cassandra: Yes, absolutely.

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