GREENSBORO, N.C. — Having your phone fully charged at 100% is ideal, right? Nope! Charging to 100% actually puts some strain on your battery. How could that be? Well, check this out. 

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Your phone has a lithium-ion battery and it will only charge a set number of times. Every time your phone goes through that cycle your battery degrades a little. And when you get to 100% it doesn't just stay there. It draws power to do other tasks and discharges your battery a little more. 

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So here's what you need to do. Never sleep with your phone plugged in overnight. Charge it to 80 or 90% percent and take it off the charger. And utilize things like apple's battery optimization. It'll help minimize the damage from overcharging.

And if you're looking for a smartphone with great battery life, we've got an article with that information. Check out the article below.

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