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Driving me Crazy!: One-way traffic on Pursley Street in Macon

Amanda White says ever since her street was turned into a one-way, the traffic has been a nightmare.

MACON, Ga. — A woman in Macon's Pleasant Hill neighborhood says ever since Pursley Street turned into a one-way, the traffic has been driving her crazy.

"My name is Amanda White. I live on Pursley Street, and my street is Driving Me Crazy!" White said

When Amanda White moved to Macon's Pleasant Hill neighborhood a decade ago, traffic moved in both directions on Pursley Street.

"Two years ago they turned it into a one way, and so cars come up the wrong way, there's been an accident on the street where one car tried. The sidewalk is so big a whole car can fit on it," she said.

The Georgia Department of Transportation changed the traffic flow to a one-way on Pursley Street between Walnut Street and Fourth Avenue as part of the interchange project.

White says it's even hard for service trucks to make their way into the neighborhood.

"Emergency vehicles have to come the wrong way, the trash truck, they have to back up the street to get my trash and it's just so inconvenient for the residents around here," White said.

Penny Brooks with GDOT wrote in a statement that the Pleasant Hill Neighborhood Mitigation phase of the interchange project required that part of Pursley Street to be turned into a one-way traffic flow with a newly constructed sidewalk.

The added sidewalk left the already narrow street only enough room for one lane. Bibb County signed off on the plans before it was changed into a one-way.

"I know with the construction going on on Walnut, probably that has something to do with it is because they have to truck, their cars have to come up the wrong way, but just I just pray that nobody just has a head on collision and nobody gets hurt, you know? It's really a problem," White said.

Bibb County spokesperson Chris Floore says the design process was approved nearly a decade ago with input from the Pleasant Hill Neighborhood Committee.

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