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Driving Me Crazy!: Speeders on a residential road in Warner Robins

Jessica Sullivan says she sees drivers speeding down Jerusalem Church Road daily, and she worries for her son and neighbors' safety.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — For almost a decade, Jessica Sullivan's lived on Jerusalem Church Road raising her 9-year-old son.

She says he likes to play outside.

"My name is Jessica Sullivan and the problem is there's too much of traffic in the subdivision. They're taking a shortcut and speeding and it's just Driving Me Crazy," she said.

Sullivan worries for his safety when speeders fly down the road.

"It's just a lot of kids, they're playing, and then it's traffic, so I worry, 'What if a kid runs out in the street for a ball they may get hurt or something?'," Sullivan said.

The speed limit is 25 mph. Sullivan says she'll see people doing twice that much trying to avoid traffic from nearby roads

"They're trying to avoid going through the traffic lights on the main highway so they're taking the short cuts to get to Russell Parkway. They're taking the shortcut also to get to Feagin Mill," she said.

She's asking city leaders if they could put out speed bumps or enforce traffic laws. City spokeswoman Mandy Stella responded.

"So, standard processes, we don't put speed bumps down on city streets. They pose a problem for first responders and there's a liability standpoint from the city as to if any vehicles are messed up," Stella said.

Stella says the City doesn't have any reported complaints filed for this area. The Warner Robins Police Department had one complaint from September of 2019. Now that they're aware of the problem, they say they're planning to find a way to make it safer.

"The police department, they are working on some resolutions to speeding issues in this particular area, so I would say in the next several months, hopefully we'll see a solution to the problem and notice a resolution," Stella said.

She mentioned potentially setting up a traffic study in this area with the flashing radar signs that say your speed. Those help with collecting data and deciding what the best option is to cut down on speeders.

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