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Driving Me Crazy!: Speeders through Macon's Shirley Hills neighborhood

People living on Nottingham Drive are asking county leaders to put crosswalks, sidewalks and streetlights to make the area safer.

MACON, Ga. — Some people living in the Shirley Hills neighborhood in East Macon say speeders are Driving them Crazy!

Robert Harden who lives in the Shirley Hills neighborhood says drivers have been speeding on Nottingham Drive for years.

"I'm concerned about the continued speeding on Nottingham Drive and the lack of crosswalks for pedestrian safety. It's driving me crazy," he said.

His neighbor Katie White shares the same concern.

"The volume of traffic. The speed of the traffic, and the fact that I have three children and two dogs and it worries me. Especially, just going out to check the mail," White said.

They reached out to County leaders who put some safety measures in place a few years ago.

"The speed limit was dropped from 35 to 25. There have been signs notifying us of pedestrians on the roadway and then most recently, they put up actual flashing signs that actually tell you your actual driving speed compared to the posted speed," Harden said.

Even with those efforts, they say drivers are still speeding through to avoid traffic from Gray Highway.

"Several instances where we're just going out to check our mail and somebody just blows by. They don't even slow down," White said.

"We've been looking long and hard to have the county install some crosswalks here. Anything from a painted crosswalk with static signage to something more sophisticated, perhaps and elevated crosswalk with some signage," Harden said.

Lieutenant Scott Davis with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office wrote in an email that there have been 19 crashes in the last five years along Nottingham Drive.

They cannot limit the cut-through traffic, because it is a thoroughfare that connects multiple neighborhoods. He says they will continue to address the violations of the law in that area.

Adding crosswalks, sidewalks and street lights falls under the county's responsibility and unfortunately, they weren't able to give a response by our deadline.

If you have a road problem that's driving you crazy, send us an email at news@13wmaz.com or message us on Facebook, and Pepper will see if she can find you some answers.

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