Macon-Bibb commissioner Joe Allen says the intersection of Fulton Mill Road and Eisenhower Parkway is one of the worst in his district.

"I can't keep losing people out here. This is something that can be corrected," said Allen. 

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says within the last five years, they've had 86 total collisions there -- one fatal and six others with serious injuries.

Allen says he worked more accidents during his time in the fire department.

He's now asking Bibb County commissioners to support him in asking the Georgia Department of Transportation to pay for a project that would install a roundabout.

He says GDOT originally agreed to put a traffic light at the intersection.

"Prior to consolidation, we had an agreement with them and they were going to come out and do it...they did not do it," said Allen. 

Penny Brooks, spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Transportation, says the plans are already being drawn up for a roundabout. She expects the commissioners will be able to view them before the end of spring.

"We want GDOT to do their job and do it. We will pay for the electricity. I mean, it's a lot cheaper to pay for electricity than funeral bills. Do your job," said Allen. 

Allen says he hopes other commissioner will understand and approve his proposal so he won't have to see anyone else get hurt.

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