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Driving Me Crazy!: Lizella neighborhood road gets repaved after 27 years

Alan Everett told us in February of 2020 about his and his neighbors' efforts over nearly three decades to get their road repaved. Bibb County crews made it happen.

LIZELLA, Ga. — The sun shines just a bit brighter on the freshly paved Waterwheel Court in Lizella. A process 13WMAZ started following with Alan Everett in February of 2020.

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"What is preventing my road, my street, where my family and neighbors live from being resurfaced to an acceptable level?," Everett said in February.

We checked back in with him last November.

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"A lot of promises and no results, so I'm very ecstatic about the projected paving in early '21, but I'm a little apprehensive till I see asphalt being poured," Everett said in November.

This week, Everett's been singing Bibb County's praises after a contracted company came out and repaved his neighborhood road.

"It took less than a day to accomplish what took 27 years to get started. We got results and the whole neighborhood, well everyone on this street is ecstatic, everyone else in the neighborhood is like 'Why isn't our street paved?," he said.

This road problem may be smoothed over, but now, a neighbor seems to be going through a rough patch of his own.

"I'm Mark Brown here in Lizella, Georgia and this 4 foot deep, 6 foot sinkhole in my yard is driving me crazy!" Brown said.

Brown noticed this gaping hole in the front of his yard a month ago. He says different agencies have come out to look at it, but he hasn't seen any progress.

"Having the cones and the yellow tape like a crime scene is unsightly and having the hole is very unsafe, so it does affect our quality of life which is unsafe," Brown said.

Macon Water Authority crews came out to assess the sinkhole and checked the sanitary sewer and storm drainage lines to see what's causing the problem.

"The issue then becomes okay, who is responsible and how long will it take to get it repaired? That's my biggest concern right now," Brown said.

Lisa Golphin with the Macon Water Authority says they will continue to assess the damage to Brown's yard, and will be in direct contact with him once they figure out what's causing the sinkhole.

If you have a road problem that's driving you crazy, send us a message on Facebook or email us at news@13wmaz.com.

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