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'Driving Me Crazy!': Speeders in East Macon neighborhood

Artice Davis fears for her safety after a white truck flew into her yard. She's asking city leaders to help slow speeders down.

MACON, Ga. — A woman who lives in East Macon says the speeders through her neighborhood are driving her crazy.

Artice Davis used to spend time in her yard, playing with her grandkids, until a white truck flew into her fence and now she hardly spends time out there at all.

"I'm Artice Davis and the speed on New Clinton Road is Driving Me Crazy," Davis said.

She doesn't feel safe living on the corner of New Clinton Road and Pine Hill Drive in East Macon.

"I don't sit on that side of the house anymore, considering I was sitting over there and a vehicle almost was literally on top of me and my grandkids," she said.

She says she's reported the speeding problems to Bibb County and its Traffic Division asking what can be done.

"Speed breakers, anything they can do. If they can get a patrol or a patrol to park," Davis said.

Captain Brad Wolfe with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office says people called in 12 complaints last year about speeders on New Clinton Road, which is about typical for a road that size.

"We send that out to our patrol and traffic units and, when they have time, they're tasked with going to that area and try to do some enforcement to try slow the traffic down. We do have speed signs that we can deploy on that roadway. How much they help? We don't know, it certainly makes drivers aware of how fast they're going and makes you be more cautious," Wolfe said.

Wolfe reminds everyone to follow the speed limit to keep not only yourself safe, but others as well. He encourages people to let them know when there's a problem.

"Keep calling us and letting us know when you see a problem. We're certainly here to help and we'll do everything we can to correct that problem or at least slow it down, so don't give up on it," he said.

Bibb County Traffic Engineer Nigel Floyd said he hasn't received any concerns about speeding on this road.

They would need to do a traffic study on this road in order to put a stoplight, speed bumps or a 4-way stop.

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