ATLANTA -- A new study shows that southern charm and manners go out the window when Georgians take to the road.

The numbers are in and Georgia drivers are considered the seventh rudest in the nation. This Survey was part of a summer driving awareness campaign from Kars4Kids to promote courteous driving. Georgia was ranked the seventh rudest state in the country with a grade of D.

So how did the Peach State get such a dubious honor? The survey asked 50 licensed drivers in each state - 2,500 total - various questions about their driving habits.

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It turns out based on the answers, Georgians have a habit of not using turn signals and are some of the worst when it comes to speeding up when someone wants to pass them. Meanwhile, the highways are apparently a lot more friendly compared to any other region. The Northeast and South are almost tied at the bottom.

The survey also shows that if you're male and under 25 years old, you're probably a major part of the problem.

Despite being on the lower end of the spectrum, local drivers can rest assured that one neighboring state ranked far worse. South Carolina ranks dead last.

However, the survey's goal isn't so much to be a competition as it is to shine a light on the issue, officials said. The study is all part of the Kars4Kids "#DriveHuman" campaign that hopes to remind drivers that there share the road with people - not just the cars and trucks they ride in.

Kars4Kids is a non-profit that takes donated cars and uses the profit along with sister charity Oorah to help Jewish children and their families.