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Central Georgia's Guide to the 2023 Hurricane Season with names and forecast

Forecasters are expecting a near-normal season ahead with several named storms and a couple major hurricanes.

Alex Forbes

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Published: 4:08 AM EDT June 1, 2023
Updated: 4:08 AM EDT June 1, 2023

The 2023 hurricane season has arrived and forecasters are expecting a near-normal season ahead. That means we can expect to see tropical storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes in the Atlantic basin.

Even though Central Georgia is not on the coast, we can see our fair share of impacts from tropical systems. In fact, the biggest flood in Central Georgia history came from a tropical storm in 1994. Not to mention, the devastating agriculture economic impact from Hurricane Michael in 2018.

Here's what you should know for the 2023 hurricane season.

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