FORT VALLEY, Ga. — The new gym at Fort Valley State University is now a temporary home for college students from Savannah, filled with cots, blankets, and pillows.

Savannah State senior Rashaun Inman says the transition has been hectic.

"We had a lot of people welcoming us once we got here upon arrival just welcoming us to Fort Valley, as well as engaging with us and getting to know us, things of that nature. It’s been a really good atmosphere," Inman said.

He says although they have relocated for the week, they still have to get their work done through a school digital platform.

“A lot of classes resume on D2L, Desire to Learn, it’s a source we use to upload assignments and things of that nature, so a lot of students are still trying to get on D2L to finish their assignments," Inman said.

For those who do not have school work, they have the option to either shadow a Fort Valley State student in class or spend time around campus. 

Senior Jordan Peterman says this is not the first time he and his classmates had to evacuate the campus. He says he had no choice but to evacuate because his hometown was right where the hurricane was headed.

"Students are from either Florida or South Carolina, and I’m from South Florida. If you live in those directions then the university will make accommodations for you because they didn’t want us basically traveling back in the direction of where the hurricane is supposed to,” Peterman said.

Fort Valley State University Police Chief Anita Allen says they planned to host up to 110 students if necessary and they took extra steps to make sure students are comfortable with the new surroundings.

"We have student leaders to help give them guidance walking through campus, making sure they get where they need to go. We also have a shuttle bus that’s prepared for them with a routing map," Allen said.

Allen says along with the extra help, students also have access to the library, dining halls, and campus gyms.

Savannah State University has cancelled classes through Thursday, and regular classes could resume on Friday.

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