HOUSTON — Windows are very vulnerable during hurricanes and tropical storms. High winds and flying debris can cause major damage and if your windows break during the storm, you could have a real problem on your hands.

Even a Category 1 hurricane can have winds up to 90 mph, which is more than enough to get debris flying around.

Use plywood to cover your windows. Tape will NOT help in this situation.

Also, look in your back yard and make sure everything is secure. Pool toys, small furniture and even garbage cans and lids are all things that can become projectiles during a hurricane.

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Put them inside you garage or your house. A rule of thumb -- if you can lift it yourself, it is in danger of becoming a missile in a hurricane.

There are some very important things you need to do inside your home as well.


Unplug all of your electronics. If you live in a low-lying area that’s flood-prone, make sure all of your electronics, perishables and valuables are off the ground.

Power could be out for a long time, so make sure to purchase and charge batteries before the storm hits.


If it is a big storm, your electricity may be out, and your water stop flowing as well.

Fill the tub and washer with water. This isn't to drink. It will be used for very important things like flushing your toilet.

And even If your water does keep flowing, make sure it is safe to drink. A lot of times during these hurricanes, water supplies get contaminated.