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East Dublin woman opens up tiny homes for Dorian evacuees

A woman with a big heart opens up tiny homes for Hurricane Dorian evacuees

EAST DUBLIN, Ga. — Across central Georgia people have been showing evacuees southern hospitality. That includes Pam Otts in East Dublin who opened up her tiny homes to evacuees for free. 

"It was very peaceful, stress free," Maxine Todd said. 

Todd can now breathe a sigh of relief. She says the uncertain path of Dorian made her a little uneasy. 

"When I was in Bluffton, I was constantly looking at the weather or the tablet, stressed about what was going to happen, and what I should be doing," Todd said. 

Todd decided to leave South Carolina with her granddaughter. That is when she started her search for a place to stay.    

"I actually saw a post on Facebook, and I can't remember which group it was on or page it was on, but I saw it and then I started communicated with Pamela that owns the place and runs the place," Todd said. 

She is talking about Pam Otts who runs Widows Oil Ministry. Otts says she wanted to help Dorian evacuees with a place to stay.

"I got motivated, and got the place ready, and we are loaded up with food, and we are ready go," Otts said. 

She says about 14 people took her up on the offer to stay for free. In one of her five tiny houses with air conditioning, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. 

"We are just trying to fill that niche, and open ourselves up to those type of people that are need in and need some place like us," Otts said.

Otts feeds the evacuees and houses their four-legged friends all for free. 

A deal Todd says makes her feel like she is right at home.

"Just the closeness of being with someone that I know is a sister in Christ makes me feel more peaceful," Todd said. 

Otts says the tiny houses are part of her Widows Oil Ministry.

Her nonprofit offers people who need help, free food, transitional housing, or other needs.

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