Hotels are an option for Carolina evacuees, and some people are providing another option by opening up their homes. One woman says animals are welcome at her home, too.

As people evacuate the Carolinas, they look for a place to stay. Donna Popp prepares for anyone needing a temporary home.

"I always feel like when there is an emergency. I always look at the cars lined up on 75, and I go, 'What can I do to help?' Well, this time, I know what I can do to help. People don't have places to go, they are going to have to evacuate," says Donna Popp from Jackson.

Popp's land can hold RVs and campers, and one camper is ready to house people.

"I've got all these resources ready to go and I think it'll be later this afternoon when reality hits, and people say, 'OK, I got to get out of here.'"

And some volunteered their campers for her land, people welcome and animals welcome.

"I thought oh my goodness what if someone has pigs or cows or goats they don't want to leave behind so I edited my post and said bring whatever you've got."

She posted on Facebook that her land is available, and dozens have reached out to her needing a place for them and their pets.

"I'm telling you it won't stop," says Popp.

The space is ready to welcome whoever needs it. "It's all here, look at it. It's all here and it's empty -- why not share it? Why not? We're here to serve. That's what we're here to do on this Earth, and I just would not feel right if I didn't put it out there to share."

More resources out there include a Facebook group called Hurricane Florence Lodging for Evacuees, and the Open House Program through Airbnb.