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2nd severe weather season is here

Spring typically takes the cake when it comes to severe weather, but the next several months can carry its fair share.

MACON, Ga. — The tornado in Dallas and the now confirmed tornado in Crisp County brought to our attention that our second severe weather season is in swing.

In the month of October, much of the plains, the southeast, and the coastal Atlantic states are places to watch for the potential for tornadoes.

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As we go into November and December, the southeast and the gulf states are the main focus.

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There are a few reasons for the shift in the most tornado-prone areas.

First of all, we are in hurricane season until the end of November, and the southeast is more prone to tropical systems, which can produce a spin-up tornado just like Nestor did in Crisp County. 

Second, it's no secret that we are much warmer year round than those out to our north and west.

As fronts come through, the cold, dense air behind these fronts sinks under our warm, moist air in the southeast and even more so along the gulf coast.

This allows for more intense lifting, the potential for strong storms, and maybe even a tornado. 

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When it comes to numbers, according to statistics from the Storm Prediction Center, Georgia typically sees about one tornado in October, three in November, and around two in December.

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Of course. these are just averages, every year is different.

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It's always important to have ways to receive weather warnings, especially as we head into our second severe weather season.

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