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'Oh, my God': East Macon neighbors stuck inside homes after flooding on Sunnydale Drive

Neighbors say a car is completely submerged at the end of the street.

MACON, Ga. — Some parts of Macon saw heavy flooding Monday including a neighborhood in east Macon.

Neighbors on Sunnydale Drive say a car is completely submerged beneath the water. Quinita Bonner thought rain would be her biggest problem when she started her day Monday. She got her kids off to school, and for a while, everything was fine. That is, until the flood.

"I was like, 'Oh my God,'" Bonner recalled. "After I took my baby girl to school, it wasn't like this. It was just a little water in the yard, but it wasn't no flood."

Her street now looks more like a small lake. Bonner and her family can't go farther than the front porch. We had to call her on the phone for our interview because the water was so deep.

"It got a car covered up, and it's got my basement and my garage covered up," Bonner said.

Next door, Bryan Moos had to leave his home. He got out of bed and stepped right into water.

"I got up, the water's up to my knees. All my shoes wet, clothes wet. Everything's wet. TVs, PS5, XBox One," he said.

Monday night, Moss plans to stay with a neighbor. Bonner wants to know how something like this could happen to her neighborhood again.

"This happened before, and they were supposed to dig the ditch out," Bonner said.

Marvin Land with the Macon Water Authority says they've cleaned the storm drains on Sunnydale several times, but he suspects nearby creeks caused the flooding. Bonner thinks that's the case too.

Land says they responded to more than 70 flood calls Monday. Most of them, he said, were because of overflowing creeks and rivers overwhelming the drainage system.

The Macon Water Authority has about 27,000 catch basins in its stormwater system. There are six staff members to clean them all out, and only three vacuum trucks.

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