MCRAE, Ga. — One family in Telfair County will still have some rebuilding to do, after a round of storms ripped through the area Sunday afternoon.

Elvin Dover's carport was ripped apart by high winds on Sunday and slammed into a power pole, leaving his family without power. Part of the carport landed in his granddaughter's yard across the road.

Shingles and splintered wood littered his yard.

"It was scary, there was a lot of hail in that storm," Dover said. "I mean it was hitting the house. You couldn’t hear nothing, but ice hitting the house."

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Telfair County Emergency Management Agency Director, Lee Connor, said that Dover's home was not the only one hit.

Several houses sent in calls of missing roofs and fires that may have been caused by severe weather. Trees fell on two Telfair County highways.

High winds on the county's radar indicated there might have be a tornado that touched down, but Connor could not confirm. 

"You ask the residents, and they'll tell you it's a tornado," Connor said. "You know the way the topography is coming out radars y'all use, it sees it up high and not on level ground."

The county did issue two tornado warnings on Sunday afternoon as well as a severe thunderstorm warning. 

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Regardless of how you classify the storm, Dover said he is just glad his family is safe.

"I’m sure happy it wasn’t any badder than what it was, because it could have been worse," Dover said. "We were in that house right there, and we didn’t have any place to go."

Dover is waiting on his insurance provider to determine the cost of the damage to his home.


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