MACON, Ga. —  Friday's storms across Macon and Central Georgia left behind a little bit of damage.

Rushing waters flooded a Macon dog park on Adams Street near Tattnall Square Park, knocking the bridge in the middle of the park off its foundation.

On Saturday there was lots of mud and debris around the park, but plenty of pups still enjoying the warm weather. 

Casey Doro and her three dogs came to the park to play and were surprised to see part of it destroyed.

"We were like, 'oh my god,' cause we were getting ready to walk over the bridge, and we saw all this," Doro said. "We just figured it was from a storm like a week ago, but yeah -- my dogs were confused too."

Heavy rains washed out asphalt and bricks near the Hay House in downtown Macon as well on Friday.

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