DUBLIN, Ga. — In Central Georgia an e-f-1 tornado was confirmed in Laurens County..

Some folks will have a good bit of cleanup to do this weekend and another family will have a story to tell for quite some time.

Firefighters worked to clear the debris off Sudie Pearl Jones Road, and it didn't take them too long, but things looked very different for Lane Pollack.

"You have about 100 trees down you have a tree on my truck and one leaned up against the house," he said

Gnarled and uprooted branches and trees liter his property and he's not worried about it at all because he and his most precious possessions, his granddaughters, escaped the wrath of the storm.

"Stuff started going right by the window and I grabbed her and got away and it was over just that quick," he said

Right across from the Pollack house sits the Davidson house. They came through okay, but they had an unusual thing happen right after the tornado. 

A UPS truck driver pulled up and delivered a package.

UPS driver delivers package during tornado in Laurens County
Jada Jean Davidson Facebook page

Jada Davidson received the brown envelope.

"And I said baby I said you drove in all that weather and you're driving to give me this package, and she said yes ma'am it's gotta be delivered," she said.

Davidson says she was amazed by the dedication of the woman in the brown uniform.

"Yes, there were trees on top of each other so she had to go through something to give this package to me," she said.