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Summer Safety: How to keep the mosquitoes away

Meteorologist Jordan West talks with mosquito experts on how to get rid of the pests!

MACON, Ga. — Summer is just around the corner, and warm temperatures may not be the only thing keeping you outside! 

Mosquitoes are just one of many flying pests that thrive in the heat. There are ways you can prevent the bloodsucking insect from lingering outside your home.

We spoke with home owner Bobby Schorr, who has had enough of the mosquitoes in and around his home. He has Mosquito Squad, a pest control company, come out to prevent the pests.

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"It's just more enjoyable when we can be out here and not getting attacked all the time. On top of that, mosquitoes can carry lots of different diseases, and we don't want that in our house or in our life at all either," Bobby said.

Mosquito Squad comes out to Bobby's home once every three weeks. General Manager Tommy Berg says "they are a source of food for some aquatic animals, but other than that, they are just pests we need to get rid of."

Berg says that you can plant rosemary and mint to dissuade the bugs. You can also plant citronella, aka the mosquito plant, to keep them away as well. 

Nevertheless, a nice, clean-cut yard is the best way to give the mosquitoes fewer places to breed. 

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Although if that doesn't work, you can call your local pest control. Mosquito Squad comes out and their substances first kill the mosquitoes flying around, and also puts down a residual. That way, if a mosquito lands on their product, they die.

Tommy says that one female mosquito can lay about 100 eggs two to three times a week. They can hatch within two days, causing an infestation. Mosquitoes love to hatch out of gutters, toys in the yard, and overwatered plants. 

According to the CDC, one way to keep the mosquitoes away is a long-sleeved shirt, and don't forget to cover the gaps in your clothes.

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