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Weather Works: Can lightning strike twice in the same place?

Meteorologist Taylor Stephenson examines the truth behind this myth in this week's episode of Weather Works.

MACON, Ga. — Lightning is nothing new to us in Central Georgia. On average, Macon has thunderstorms 53 days out of the year. In general though, lightning strikes 44 times every second!

There's a well-known myth that lightning can only strike once in a certain place, but that is not true.

Lightning does not discriminate when it comes to where it strikes. For example, the Empire State building gets struck by lightning about 25 times every year.

That's because lightning is more likely to strike higher buildings, or taller and natural landscapes like trees in a forest and mountains. 

These taller objects can create a spark that connects with lightning coming down from a cloud.

During a thunderstorm, here are a couple of tips to keep you safe.

The best practice is when thunder roars, go indoors! This ensures that you are physically away from any dangers.

If you have to drive during a thunderstorm, your car is the safest place to be. Just stay away from all metal surfaces.

That's how your weather works!


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