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Weather Works: How sudden weather changes can affect your body

Meteorologist Taylor Stephenson breaks down the science behind if changes in the weather can make you sick.

MACON, Ga. — If you live in Central Georgia, you know we are constantly riding a weather rollercoaster. Sometimes we experience all four seasons in a couple of days!

Some people blame getting sick on the erratic changes in weather, but that is only partially true.

Big changes in the actual air temperature in a short period of time cannot make you sick, but you can get sick if the air is too dry, too cold, or you work or play outside for too long.

For example, cold weather can trigger those with asthma because exposure to cold air can restrict your passageways.

In the same way, nosebleeds are more likely to happen in dry conditions during the wintertime because the air can make the blood vessels in your nose weaker.

So, NO, changes in the weather cannot make you sick, but to prevent weather-related illnesses, limit your time outdoors and stay hydrated.

That's how your weather works!

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