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Pio Nono Kroger's closing inconveniences shoppers

The company's Atlanta division says it's happening because of declining sales and negative profit.

Another Macon grocery store is shutting its doors.

According to a news release from the company's Atlanta division, Kroger is closing its Pio Nono location on April 20th.

Some of the store's frequent customers are having a hard to accepting the news.

"I can't see how this store could be closing with as much business as they get," said Lorri Moore.

However, according to that release from the company, that business wasn't enough. The store is shutting down because of declining sales and negative profit.

Lorri Moore says she shops at the Pio Nono Kroger about three times a week. She's not sure where she'll take her business once her favorite store closes, but she's certain she "definitely won't be coming to Kroger."

It's not just about store preference, either. Kemberly Ottman says Kroger was available to her even when transportation sometimes wasn't.

"I've walked. It was very convenient for me," Ottman said.

According to Ottman, she used to live in the Pleasant Hill area. She says the Kroger's proximity to Pleasant Hill helped her and her friends keep groceries in the fridge.

Once the Pio Nono location closes, the nearest Kroger will be almost two miles away. Ottman says getting there will be a challenge for her friends who usually walk to get their food.

"It's gonna be real bad for some people because some people are not mobile," Ottman said.

According to the federal Department of Agriculture, the average American household is about two miles from the nearest supermarket and close to four miles from the one they actually shop at.

Kroger says all 125 associated who currently work at the Pio Nono location will be considered for reassignment at other store locations.

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