MACON, Ga. — The Twiggs County Sheriff's Office arrested two women accused of stealing about $1,500 worth of merchandise from stores in Central Georgia. One of those stores is inside the Dublin Mall. 

Sabrina Burse spoke to the mall manager to find out what security measures they have in place to prevent theft. 

Johnny Ford has managed the Dublin Mall for about a year. He says this shopping center takes extra steps to prevent thieves from stealing.

"Thieves is prevalent. It will never stop, but you can slow it down," said Ford. 

Deputies arrested Karlyne Horton and Lakeeshin Pickett on Monday. Major William Stokes with the sheriff's office says the women hit the Bath & Body Works at the Dublin Mall and other locations. 

"Anytime you have this large of a theft, the price goes up for us. Somebody's got to pay for what's being stolen," said Stokes. 

Stokes says a sergeant initially pulled the women over for speeding. He says the car was stolen and Pickett's license came back suspended.

He says deputies found marijuana, alcohol, identification cards of other people, and stolen items from a Victoria's Secret store as well. 

"I can't stand a thief. There is no reason to steal," said Ford. 

Ford says the mall has security cameras, security tags on items, and a team of security to help stop crime. 

Stokes says deputies found bags made of duct tape in the women's car. They believe the bags were used to get items past the store's alarm system.

"They also have pliers and screwdrivers that they had with them where they will cut the security tags off," said Stokes. 

Stokes says the women are at the Twiggs County jail and face charges including theft of stolen property, possession of marijuana, and identity fraud. 

Stokes says Pickett is from Indianapolis and Horton is from Texas.

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