MACON, Ga. — One woman organized a group on Facebook where people could share their blessings, and now, hundreds of people in Central Georgia are reaching out to help complete strangers.

This past Mother's Day, Mary Moctezuma had a friend in the hospital fighting cancer. She asked the family to put together a wish list, and then formed a group called Macon Blessings on Facebook to help out.

"And within three days, everything was purchased, and then we just wanted to do more," Mary said.

And do more they have.

1,500 people have joined this group in a week.

You can bless or buy something for someone off their list, or you can pitch in on the featured person who is battling something hard in life.

Anna Fullmore is battling cervical cancer, and one day, surprises showed up on her doorstep.

"I was honored, shocked -- I couldn't believe it. It is a wonderful thing," Anna said.

"She didn't have much on her list at all. She had like five items, and we were like, 'No, no, please add more,'" Mary said with a smile.

Anna added more stuff and folks bought everything she wanted in three hours.

"Little things--  I had fingernail polish, thank you cards, a hat," Anna rattled off.

Most folks don't go overboard with their lists, just little stuff that could brighten a day, but Mary and countless others have found it brightens your day to give, too.

"This has restored my faith in humanity times 100," Mary said emotionally. " I didn't realize how much I myself needed it."

This mom of five who already gets pulled a million ways a day finds herself getting choked up as the kindness of others scrolls along on her computer screen.    

"Our big plan is moving towards a nonprofit," Mary projected.

If the Macon Blessings page is any indication, people are ready to help, to reach out unselfishly and send a little love through the mail.

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