Hundreds of little piggies came to market Saturday at the Georgia National Fairgrounds.

While some did cry all the way home, a few of them were lucky enough to take home a ribbon at the Peach State Classic Summer Jackpot Swine Show.

Almost 300 pigs weighing between 100 to 300 lbs were strutting their stuff today in hopes of bringing home the $4,000 grand prize.

The pigs are judged on body fat, muscle mass, and how the person presents the pig.

Swine mentor, Justin Daniel says his favorite part happens outside of the ring.

"You learn something new every day in the barn and getting these kids to see the sportsmanship -- you know how to win and lose, how to be able to go up and congratulate somebody, how to be responsible for something other than yourself, looking after a pig, how to wash it and take care of it -- those are the things that are fun to me," he said.

"I've always enjoyed more of getting the pig ready than actually showing the pig itself.

The show ended at 4 p.m. and many of the pigs are heading off to the state level competition.