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People react to Gov. Brian Kemp's gas tax suspension

The Georgia governor is temporarily suspending the gas tax.

MACON, Ga. — On Sept. 12, Gov. Brian Kemp temporarily suspended the gas tax for the Peach State. This means gas will be cheaper. 

According to AAA, the average cost of gas in the state a month ago was $3.63. Today, it's $3.56. 

Willie Davis was getting gas at a gas station on Tom Hill Senior Boulevard in north Macon before 13WMAZ told him about the gas suspension. 

"I just cut it off at $20 and fill up tomorrow," Davis said.

Davis said it would cost him almost $90 to fill up his truck. 

Davis told 13WMAZ he doesn't drive as much as he used to, and he only has to fill up about every two weeks. 

With the temporary suspension, Georgians will save about $0.31 per gallon on gas. Rita McCrary of Jonesboro was traveling through Macon for a conference. 

She told 13WMAZ she prefers the cheaper gas prices. 

"Makes me feel great because everything is on the rise and not the down, so everybody needs gas. You can't go anywhere without paying for gas," McCrary said.

Last year, Kemp suspended the Georgia gas tax from March to December. According to the governor's office, Georgians saved around $1.7 billion at the pump. 

McCrary said before she gets gas, she always checks the gas station for the cheaper price. 

"I'm not going to burn up gas to go get cheaper gas so if it's within a 5-mile radius, I'm going to go where the cheaper gas is. But right now, I pay $3.68, I think is what it was," McCrary said.

AAA found the current gas price in Macon is $3.54. In Warner Robins, it's about $0.10 cheaper. Davis says the low gas cost is a relief for him and his wallet. 

"The groceries are high, everything is going sky high, it's rocketing, so you have to go where the bargains are," Davis said.

Kemp's order says the suspension stays in effect until Oct. 12.

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