The price of gas at the Sunoco on Arkwright Road is $2.03, but down the street at Jumbo's Express, you can get it for $1.99.

Both are lower prices than usual, but why the difference?

Jumbo's Express Manager JD Patel says part of it has to do with the amount of stores in the area.

"We have too many stores around here," Patel said.

For the past five years, he's managed the Macon gas station. Right now, his prices are the lowest they've ever been all year.

"Right now, it's $1.99 per gallon," Patel said.

It's the location that makes competition tough.

"We sit next to the Kroger, and they have the load every day or twice a day. We cannot compare the price, or if we hold the price, we losing money, so we have to drop the price to keep moving," Patel said.

Down the street, the Sunoco manager who goes by Axar says Kroger is their biggest competition, too.

"If they're selling you $1.99, nobody's going to stop over here. They'll buy $1.99, so we've got to decrease the price," Axar said.

Triple A spokesperson Megan Cooper says prices drop lower this time of year because gas companies make the switch from summer to winter blend.

Winter blend is cheaper to produce. Willie Buckland says he's not complaining.

"As of now, $1.99 is awesome, you know," Buckland said.

Patel and Axar have deals between their distributors on the wholesale price of the gas.

Patel says he makes an order every 15 days, unlike Kroger.

"We're not like Kroger. They have a load every day at the everyday price. We're not selling that much gallon gas, so if you don't lower your price, nobody's going to buy it," Patel said.

Macon's lowest gas can be found at the Citgo on Mercer University Drive near North Atwood Drive for $1.94 per gallon.