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Reel in a good time at Hamburg State Park in Washington County

There's a lot to do at Hamburg State Park, but it can also be a haven to do nothing if you're trying to relax.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ga. — Summer is a great time to get out and about with the whole family! A good place you might not have heard of before is in Central Georgia's backyard: Hamburg State Park in Washington County.

There's a lot to do at Hamburg State Park, but it can also be a haven to do nothing if you're trying to relax.

"We are out in the middle of God's country," said Dana Myers.

Dana and her husband Mike are from Dudley.

"It's just peaceful to sit here and look out at the water and watch the geese go by," said Dana.

They love how 95% of the camping sites come with a lakefront view, so when it gets warm, you will find them sitting outside their camper at Hamburg a couple of times a month.

"Everybody just walks up and down the road, you don't meet a stranger," said Dana.

"Hamburg is a hidden gem," said park ranger Julie House.

House says Hamburg is remote, but not every state park has an old grist mill dating back to 1921. It opens a couple of times a month for tours and trade.

Hamburg is also home to a corn sheller from the 1920s and a Eli Whitney cotton gin.

"That is something we get calls to the office for 9 times out of 10, 'Do y'all have any cornmeal or grits for sale,'" said House.

COVID cut back on how many times they put the stones in motion to make the homemade basics, but you can enjoy the sounds of the dam any day of the week.

If you look up the reviews on Hamburg State Park, you're going to hear about fishing and more fishing. They've got bream, catfish, bass and plenty of boats for you to choose from to rent for the day.

"A lot of people want to come out for the first time and kayak or canoe or try and aqua cycle, which this is a very easy vehicle to maneuver, and a lot of people have fun with these," said House. "There are submerged stumps in the lake, which allows a natural fish habitat for breeding."

You can't swim in the lake though because they do have alligators floating around. But, if you want to reel in a good time, head to Hamburg and harmonize with Mother Nature. 

To book some time there, or for more information, check out their website.


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