For men like Kyle Story, the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia is a saving grace.

"They saved my life," Story said.

Story has lived at the rescue mission for eight months, a time that has given him more than he could've asked for.

"I can go on for days about the blessings that I've been given since I've been coming to the rescue mission, it's just a whole life change, " Story confessed.

It's a change that wouldn't be possible without the help of volunteers.

"Without them, I probably wouldn't have gotten the things I have now," Story continues, "So it's just a blessing."

He encourages others to give to the same blessing.

"If I was out of this place and I was able to do the same, would love to because of what it's already done for me."

And the rescue mission wants to do more, which is why they're holding an open house.

Development Director at the Rescue Mission Heather Griffin says volunteers are needed both behind the scenes and on the line, which is why they're having the open house.

"We need people to help us with data entry and things like that, but we also need people to help with our bread line at 4:00 where we feed the homeless, we need people at the bargain center to help us sort clothes," Griffin said.

Giving back to an organization that can hit close to home for many people.

"Realistically, some of us are a paycheck away from being homeless or needing help, we all know someone who maybe an addiction or somebody who has been touched by domestic abuse," Griffin explained.

But most importantly they need volunteers to keep their mission alive: hope, redemption, and empowerment through Jesus Christ.

Again, the open house in Tuesday, January 30 starting at 6 p.m. To RSVP, call Heather Griffin at 478-743-5445 or email her at