Getting the power bill every month is something many of us dread, especially in the summer when they can be hundreds of dollars.

“Our highest bill has run $340. Our last bill was this month [and it] was $127.23,” Debra Wilson said.

The same is true for thousands across the state.

For Wilson, it’s a large part of her monthly expenses.

“It’s paid on time every month. It’s paid through social security, from my social security account, if it comes in on the second, it’s paid on the second,” Wilson said.

In 2016, Georgia Power made $43.6 million above what the states utility commission has approved.

“As a regulated utility, we have an authorized earnings band of what we can earn, between 10 percent and 12 percent per year,” said Georgia Power Spokesman John Kraft.

With that in mind, Wilson wanted to know if she and other customers will be getting a refund from the power company.

“A typical residential customer would probably get around $9.50 and they should see that as a bill credit in the Georgia Power bills going out in March,” Kraft said.

So we verified, Georgia Power customers are getting a refund.

While Wilson is thankful for that, she thinks it shouldn't have taken this long.

“You shouldn't have to wait for months to get it or even a partial payment of it,” Wilson said. “They didn’t wait for months for payment when my light bill was due. It was paid immediately in full.”

Kraft says customers should see another $75 refund over three billing cycles later this year.

But that's for a different reason; the cost for building the Plant Vogtle nuclear facility came in under budget.