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'Perfect for a night out': Liliana's food truck opens at Society Garden

Liliana's is a permanent fixture at the garden and serves up delicious Italian street food.

MACON, Ga. — A new food truck is open at the Society Garden — and this one's here to stay. 

Liliana's just opened up at the society garden, and they are already gaining traction.

They serve Italian Street food, with menu items like grilled skewers with pesto sauce, lambchops with fries, fried gnocchi, fresh cannolis and more. You can check out the full menu here. 

Director of Operations Laurence Dantzler says community means everything to them, and they want to be a place where people can eat and connect over good food.

"With the amount of food trucks that they've had coming through and people being able to share a meal in the garden, we wanted to be a part of that," Dantzler said.

Now, they're hoping Liliana's helps patrons of the Society Garden have an even better time enjoying what the garden has to offer.

"So to come in and put something here that's permanently in place, to allow people together and have food and share food together, whether it's a date night or friends gathering to play trivia or coming to see a show, we thought we'd like to be a part of that," he said. 

Dantzler radiated passion for his business, and it was obvious he really cared about making a space for people to come together and bond. It is more than just a food truck for him — it's a place where memories are made. 

"I think the biggest thing for us is community. There's just something about when people gather over a meal, and people who are strangers can become neighbors and that turns into friendship. And that's something in the hospitality industry that we wanna be a part of," he said. 

Dantzler recommends building friendships by sharing an order of their grilled green beans, which he says are "like a basket of fries you don't have to feel guilty about."

Liliana's is a permanent fixture at the Society Garden, and it is open the same hours as the Society Garden.

They also are available to cater for private events in the garden and are even going to add a pick up window at the back of Society Garden soon. So even if there's a concert or event going on and you don't have a ticket to get in, you can still pick up some food to-go.  

Looking forward, Dantzler says he's excited to see where the business goes, and they hope to become a staple of the community food scene. 

"We're really excited about some of the events that we've got planned over the next year, and we're excited to see more food-oriented events in the garden. We'll do some pop-ups where we change the menu for a day or for the weekend, and do something totally different. We're really excited because we can do whatever the people want, and that's what we're here to do," he said. 

You can find Liliana's at the Society Garden, located at 2389 Ingleside Avenue. Their hours are listed here.

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