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'We can feel a little relief': Kemp's gas tax suspension leads to lower prices

The average price of gas in the metro Macon area has decreased again after the tax suspension

MACON, Ga. — Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp suspended the gas tax this week, and now, drivers are seeing a difference at the pumps.

Dylan Nam works at a Shell gas station and said he has seen a big difference in the prices from yesterday to today.

“$3.40 for regular…$3.28 right now," Nam explained.

The American Automobile Association, or AAA, has reported that the metro Macon area average has gone nearly 10 cents in the past month. 

One month ago, the average price of gas in Macon was $3.63, according to AAA. Now, they say it is $3.53. That was even before the gas tax went into effect. 

In June 2022, Macon saw its highest average ever nearly $4.50. 

While AAA's data show that gas prices in Macon only went down 1 cent compared to yesterday, others are saying that they are feeling some relief filling up their tank after the governor's executive order.

Oliver Pitts Jr. waited for the tax suspension to go into effect before filling up his truck.

“I can tell after I filled up how much difference it did make you know from previous when I would fill up,” Pitts Jr. said.

Nam gave tips to drivers when looking for the best deal.

"Ask like the people that work here when they might change it, because most of the time they’ll probably know and they’ll be like a week and they’ll change it again,” Nam said.

The prices are looking better for drivers, but that’s just for regular gas. 

Randolph Smith thinks premium gas drivers still need help.

"If it does knock it down 50, 65 cents every little bit helps,” Smith said.

Smith is hoping the premium gas price will get knocked down. 

But Pitts Jr. has a system to spend less.

“I usually do it [refill] probably when it gets a little bit below a half a tank. That’s kinda helped me out a little bit from when it’s completely empty and costing a lot more,” Pitts Jr. explained.

Now, he believes these prices will have a big impact on people.

"People were having to deal with sending their kids back to school and everything and causing your expense to be rising at the time but now we can feel a little relief from the summer adventure you did and everything to kinda make life a little bit easier for us,” Pitts said.

Gas has been a large part of the increase in inflation this month compared to the month before, according to analysts. In last month's inflation numbers, the rate of inflation was at around 3.2% compared to the year before, and this month, the rate of inflation was 3.7% compared to the year before. 

However, many goods are seeing their prices decrease like food staples like Milk. The price of milk is down 3.5% compared to a year ago, and the price of eggs went down 18% compared to last year. 

Gas and energy are often the most volatile segments of the Consumer Price Index, which tracks inflation numbers. According to Morgan Stanley, gas was responsible for half the increase in August's inflation numbers.

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