MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Easter is coming up and kids all over Central Georgia will get to hunt for candy and prizes in Easter egg hunts.

But if a child has sensory overload or a disability, a hunt isn’t always available for them.

One Milledgeville mom has come up with an idea to change that, based on her own experiences.

Melissa Jones’ daughter, Lani, was diagnosed with Pfeiffer Syndrome – a very rare genetic disorder characterized by the premature fusion of bones in the skull and limbs.

Lani also has a sensory disorder, which makes her unable to participate in many community events because of overstimulation.

So, Jones decided to plan an Easter event for kids with special needs.

She needs your help to ensure the event is a success, and she’s asking for people to donate so that children with any form of disability can participate.

They need the following items: candy, canned drinks, bottled water, candy, condiments, plates and more candy (there are 5,000 eggs after all).

Those items can be dropped off at the following locations in Milledgeville in boxes marked 'Lani's Journey': Elite Gym USA, Learning Safari, Stacked Sandwiches and More, and Georgia College’s Kappa Delta House.

The free egg hunt will take place on Thursday, April 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the GCSU Reflection Pool located at 498 West Green Street.


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